Volunteers creating the Butterfly Garden

This is YOUR community garden, and we hope that you will all join in the community spirit of the garden and help out as and when you can.

The community garden is run and maintained entirely by a voluntary committee and our dedicated team of volunteers who keep it running, apply for funding, and ensure that the garden is a productive, safe and beautiful place for you to enjoy.

We need more help! We see the same faces week in, week out who pitch in whatever the weather – it would be lovely to see some of our regular gardeners also joining in with the spirit of the garden.

Bog Pond

Digging out the pond

There are always jobs for all ages and abilities – it doesn’t have to be heavy work; even light weeding, tool cleaning, litter-picking and tea-making skills are always much appreciated! We also always need help when organising special social events such as Open Days.

Supervised sessions are on Wednesdays and Sundays from 2pm until 3pm and include tea/coffee/juice, biscuits and a good blether!


Those of you who came along to pay your fees will have seen the new big Volunteer Board – a suggestion that was made by a garden member following the discussion on volunteering at the last AGM.We are aiming to have each garden member complete just 10 sessions per year – whether that is coming along to an organised session, helping out at one of our functions, or just doing your bit alone or with your family at a time that suits you best (see list of tasks below, there will also be a copy tacked to the Volunteer Board) – there’s always something to do, regardless of ability or the amount of time you have to spare.

Simply do your little bit, then sign your name or stick one of our fabulous funky stickers onto the chart alongside your name and bed number – job’s a good ‘un!


Enjoying a cuppa and a chat

Volunteer Tasks Until Beginning of March

Working on own or as a group

  1. Litter pick Use the 2 litter pickers which are hanging up on the last hook  on the left hand wall of the tool store.  Put litter in polybags which are in the labelled box on the shelves.  Take home for disposal.
  2. Weed  Communal areas/slabbed paths/bee border
  3. Sweep out the Potting shelter, sweep paths  Use long brushes hanging in the tool store
  4. Chop Vegetable Waste Using the wooden box and long handled blade reduce the waste in the compost area to a small size ready for composting.  Store in trugs

Group activities – supervised sessions only (Sundays and Wednesdays, 2 – 3pm)

Fruit Area    Remove weeds from around the fruit bushes.  Keep the paths of black membrane clear.  Apply mulch around the fruit bushes – blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries by peeling back membrane.  Keep the stems clear and take care not to damage if using the strimmer.

New fruit to be planted        This can only happen once the drainage has been improved at the stob and wire fences. (see Scotttish Water volunteer tasks.  There are raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.  Some of the blueberries could be planted into containers but the soil composition needs to be acidic.    The blackberries could go on the furthest away higher end row once the rushes have been scythed.

Pond   Keep the decking and steps free of leaves and algae by sweeping.  Replace the safety notices (Pond under construction, take care).  Check the canes are roping off the edge of the pond.  Remove the bent grass and creeping buttercup encroaching at the edge of water by hand.  Take care not to remove new plants such as marsh marigold.

Orchard    Apply a mulch around each fruit tree by peeling back the membrane.  Leave the trunk bare.

Wildflower areas    Plant up with plug plants which are on the pallets.

General areas   Barrow the bark to the communal paths, spread with a rake.

Fenceline   Both sides of the fence at Imperial Way, remove the horsetail as it grows by digging out the deep roots.           Take away to dispose of them as they are pernicious weeds.

Birds  Securely tie the roosting nests into scrub/hedge areas.  Put up the remaining bird boxes on trees near the pond.

Hedgehogs   Two new houses need to be set up and placed in a secure setting.

Tool Store   Examine tools and remove rusted/damages ones.  Tidy the area in general.

Prepare new planting areas   Two new areas, one for asparagus and one for potatoes have been proposed.

Do you make a lovely cuppa tea? We also always need willing volunteers to whip up a brew on volunteer days!

Many thanks!

2 responses to “Volunteering

  1. Can someone please contact me. I was visiting last week from udston and Glenlee and need a contact e-mail as I would like to set up a date when i can come and visit on my own. Kenny and partner , can you get back to me please. Lesley Aylward and Frank ( Hamilton – Hillhouse Area ) many thanks

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