You will have noticed our big wormery at the composting area of the community garden – it’s certainly the main attraction for the children from St Bride’s Nursery who love to open the lid and say hello to the worms whenever they visit the garden! But why do we compost with worm-power?

This marvellous article from John Harrison’s website sheds light on why composting with worms is so popular, and has a collection of brilliant resources for those of you who might like to set up your own small wormery at home – something that The Organic Growers of Bothwell cannot recommend highly enough!

From the article:

Worm compost concentrates goodness, in much the same way that passing grass through the gut of a cow produces high quality manure, those thousands of worms pass your kitchen and garden waste through their gut to make a high quality growing medium and compost supplement.

Worm casts and compost is best used as a first class natural fertilizer, use it sparingly and selectively around the garden – a little goes a very long way! Studies have shown that worms convert organic waste into the best natural fertilizer known – worm compost. It contains from 5 to 11 times the quantity of available N – P – K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) than the soil the worms consume to produce the cast. The worms also drastically improve the soil structure. Each worm can convert up to their own weight of waste into worm compost each day.

Would you like to find out more about vermiculture, or other forms of small-scale household composting such as the Bokashi Bran system? Drop us an email at and we’ll be delighted to help.

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