RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch – January 28th and 29th 2012

Yes, it is that time of year again when our friends at the RSPB ask us to spend an hour watching the birds in our gardens for the RSPB Great Garden Birdwatch.

This year’s event is set to take place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January 2012. Last year, thousands of people of all ages took part to help build a definitive picture of bird life in the UK. This year it is hoped that even more people take part.

Taking part in this important survey is really very easy to do – it takes just one hour of your time; and is perfect for all ages and levels of experience. It is also a fantastic introduction to the fascinating world of birds for children.

You can register for a spotter’s pack from the RSPB’s website

Further information on how to prepare your garden for a multitude of feathered friends in time for the Big Garden Birdwatch is available from the RSPB website.

Species you are likely to see in this area include: tits (great tits, blue tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits); finches (goldfinches, greenfinches, siskins, chaffinches and maybe even a shy bullfinch); sparrows; dunnocks; robins; blackbirds; wrens and starlings. Watching them congregate around feeders and seeing their ‘pecking order’ and how they interact is fascinating!

We would absolutely love to hear your results – what birds did you see? Did your garden attract any more unusual visitors such as redwings, woodpeckers or fieldfares? Let us know by emailing us, tweeting @BothwellCommGar or via our Facebook page!

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